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About GENTLE Chiropractic…

We focus our attention on freeing YOUR BODY’S natural LIFE-ENERGY from its source in your Brain STEM to ENHANCE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!
The philosophy, science and art of VITALSITIC Brain STEM Chiropractic is the study of the body’s electrical LIFE-ENERGY; its relation to the lower portion of the Brain STEM (medulla oblongata); its relation primarily to the second vertebrae in the neck (C-2 or “Axis”) – the most moveable bone in the spine – and the health (function) of your whole body!
Traditional chiropractic adjustments are done with the doctor’s hands and involve, “twisting”, “snapping” and “cracking” the spine. We utilize a gentle, precise, repeatable, chiropractic instrument called the “Impulse Adjusting Instrument” to adjust (re-align) the vertebrae (spinal bones) . In doing so, we simply assist the vertebra to regain better natural alignment thereby reducing interference to body’s inborn expression of wellness and ENHANCING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!
The Impulse-assisted Brain STEM Chiropractic Adjustment is easy, painless and full of incredible potential results …without the gross manipulation often associated with traditional chiropractic care.

Your cervical spine (neck) is vital to your health (function), your sense of well-being and your overall success in ALL areas of your life!

Healing takes time. Human nature tempts us to put off seeking relief for our physical problems, and then makes us impatient for relief. Remember, only a thorough care plan can provide the optimum function (health) you desire. There are no shortcuts to better health. Time, professional care and proper lifestyle are the ONLY real answers.