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Prior to your First Visit:



Please consider filling out your Application for Chiropractic Care comfort and privacy of your home in blue ink PRIOR to your first appointment. You can print you t application from our website or stop by the institute ahead of time.


During First Visit:


Consultation & History

Once you have completed filling out your Application for Chiropractic Care, please get it to us AT LEAST 2 HOURS ahead of your first visit.  This way Dr. McAnsh can have time to carefully review it.  you will receive a private consultation with Dr. Kirk McAnsh, D.C. to discuss your health challenges after he takes the time to review it.


Exam, LOW-Force Spinal Adjustment & Intersegmental Traction Therapy

In order to help determine how best we can help you, Dr. McAnsh will perform a safe and painless exam during which you are fully clothed.  If needed, you will be provided your first LOW-FORCE Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment.  After a brief rest on our adjusting table, you will most likely be escorted to a different private room wherein you can begin to enjoy the benefits of GENTLE Intersegmental Traction Therapy (IST) in an even more relaxed environment.  Pleae welcome your first 10 minute IST session as our FREE gift to you!


Report of Findings & Recommendations for Care

Prior to departing after your first visit you will be provided a WRITTEN “Report of Findings” and a WRITTEN “Recommendations for Care” based on our experience with thousands of clients experiencing simiar health challenges.  Please take the time to read through this important information.