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I’ve had many surgeries and not feeling up to par. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Geri and routine adjustments, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my well-being. Thank you Dr. Geri and Dr. Kirk for your expertise that’s helped me lead a more normal life. Many would benefit greatly from regular chiropractic treatment along with your many other wellness treatments you proved. Thank you.

Annette Benson Hansen 3-27-14

“The Impulse Adjusting Instrument effectively realigned the most important vertebrae in my brain stem, providing me with instant relief!”
Since receiving my LIFE-ENERGY “Tune-ups” my life has improved in the following ways:
No pain
Clear thinking
Better vision
Deeper Sleep

Lynn Pukall 3-29-2013

Starting chiropractic care about 4 years ago, Richard Chojnacki reported his challenges to experiencing a more successful life were:
“Allergies, asthma, and a poor quality of life.”
After receiving brain stem adjustments:
“I feel a lot better. My allergies don’t act up and I haven’t had asthma problems. It really does improve life!”

Richard Chojnacki 1-31-2014

“Sever pain in my left arm which affected my ability to sleep is why I first came to McAnsh LIFE-ENERGY Institute. Ultimately, it began to affect many areas of my life.” Since receiving brain stem adjustments, “The pain in my arm is gone. Posture is greatly improved, allergic reactions to food and environment are greatly diminished. The adjustments are painless and effective. I believe they provide the most effective drug-free relief and allow the body to heal itself in time.”

Kathleen Lutes, 10-7-2013

“I had a rash on my hands, it itched, it oozed, flaked and was red. My hands kept getting worse until I could hardly tolerate it any longer. After 3 months of muscle testing and the pure food supplements, my hands were cured and have been to this day. I had this problem on and off for over 20 years. Through the years, every time this flared up it would be a little worse. This is so awesome to be healed after so many years of suffering with this problem! I highly recommend the Zyto
as I am now being totally body healed
and am now down to taking only
2 supplements a day!”

Cassie Leeck 8-13-2013

Prior to getting my Brain Stem adjustments, my life challenges were: “Getting much housework done because of the pain in my foot and hips. I couldn’t play much outside with the kids because I hurt so badly all the time. I didn’t sleep well at night at all and had low energy and was slightly down and frustrated was about it!” “I sleep great now! I have a lot more energy and my emotional stathas definitely improved. I am able to get my household chores done without pain along with my extra projects of spring cleaning done. I’ve done painting and moving of furniture with no repercussions. Simply standing and washing pots and pans is more enjoyable because I’m not in pain. I’m able to participate with the family in outdoor activities.”

Deb Funk 3-5-2011

“I started taking Whole-Food Vitamins about 10 years ago. Prior to taking Whole-Food Vitamins, I knew my body was not receiving the proper nutrition from my daily diet. I also knew my food choices weren’t the best.
Since starting with Whole-Food Vitamins and making better food choices, I an say I have not had any real health issues. My husband is taking Whole Food Vitamins and his health has also improved. We both are thankful to Dr. Kirk and his staff.
Dr. Kirk is a wealth of knowledge and very passionate about his practice! His dedication to his profession is unmatched. He is always researching for the best ways to help his patients and is happy to share this information. We both admire him and feel blessed to have found him!

Marge Marceau 3-24-2014