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We’ll be the first to admit it.  We ARE “Fussy”!  We ONLY work with the HIGHEST-Quality Vitamins (Nutritional Supplements, Dietary Supplements, [Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, etc.], etc.)!

At McAnsh LIFE-ENERGY Institute, we focus on helping our clients by MINIMIZING Their LOSS of Health and Inner Peace by facilitating Quantum Healing at the Spiritual-Level.  We do this is a passive way by improving their DEEP Sleep with HIGHLY-Personalized Nutrition!  Vitmains are


Dr. McAnsh states:

“In the spirit of transparency, I had a clear sense of passion, purpose and peace as God worked through me during the time of the creation of this database and scannnning program (January 1, through Easter Sunday, 2017) as I sought to increase my own slow-wave sleep through the right vitamins, while I was in regular daily, sometimes hourly, communication with Him (via prayer and meditation), while I bathed in early church music in the form of Christian chants (primarily Roman Church chants of the 7th to 13th centuries from “Ensemble Organum” founded by Marcel Peres at the Abbey of Senaque in the south of France).

 God was able to guide and direct as I developed the 5th level of healing (the Spiritual Level) as a bio-energetic and nutritional protocol based on studying nutrition and consciousness since 1977, professional  practice of clinical nutrition, bio-electric “muscle testing” and straight chiropractic since 1987, studying the Holy Bible  since 1986, developing the world’s most advanced database of nutritional supplements based on blood type and spiritual level healing potential, co-developing  the world’s most advanced  automated scanning program (biosurvey) for those vitamins with Brian Hancock of Zyto Technologies for use on the world’s most advanced computerized bio-electric decision-support technology – the Zyto ELITE since 2012 and the study of sacred  geometry since 2106.

While DEEP (Slow-Wave) Sleep is most commonly associated with brainwaves in the traditional delta-range of brain waves (0.5 Hz to 3.0 Hz), in January of 2017 I came to the realization that they may best be represented  in what I call the “sacred delta frequency range (0.18 Hz to 0.90 Hz)” as well as in specific frequencies that I have termed “sacred delta frequenciesin January of 2017 at: 0.18 Hz, 0.27 Hz 0.36 Hz, 0.45 Hz, 0.54 Hz, 0.63 Hz, 0.72 Hz, 0.81 Hz, and 0.90 Hz based on the principles of sacred geometry, all of which are reflected in the my Zyto ELITE database and my bio-electric Zyto ELITE scan.

Lastly, in the process of developing the above, I was able to development of nine separate and distinct non-duplicating, non-competing categories based on the neurotransmitters proven by peer-reviewd scientific studies from around the world to contribute to slow-wave sleep containing a select array of HIGH-quality vitamins based on blood type in the lowest effective dose most likely to increase the state of consciousness most likely  to passively facilitate quantum healing at the spiritual level.”

For your convenience, we currently stock over 600 vitamin products from the top 14 different vitamin companies in the world including:

Standard Process
Biotics Research
Innate Response Formulas
Doctor’s Research
Designs for Health
Integrative Therapeutics
Pure Encapsulations
Systemic Formulas
Genoma Nutritionals
Ecological Formulas
Ortho Molecular

We believe that when given the EXACT vitamin formulas in the EXACT dose that YOUR BODY prefers, it  functions better!

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