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McAnsh nutrition Consulting

Did you know that CHRONIC Inflammation is a MAJOR contributing factor for the LOSS OF HEALTH (and eventual death) that most people experience, including heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer's?...


Dr. McAnsh may be able to help improve your body's ongoing attempts to resolve its CHRONIC Inflammation with highly-specific nutritional supplement recommendations based on his ongoing, daily study since 1977 and his professional clinical experience since 1987 helping thousands of patients.

He can consult with you in person at the institute or by using the Healthie App (Video Chat, Phone Call, or Chat Messaging) remotely from anywhere in the world! Using Dr. McAnsh decades of knowledge and a highly-developed computer database, you will be asked specific questions regarding your health and wellness status, blood type, and personal health concerns. As a result, you will receive your personal McAnsh Nutrition Consulting Report containing informative and actionable information in order to start improving your quality of life.

Consulting Communication TypeS


Video chat with Dr. McAnsh to have a virtual “face-to-face” session


Speak with Dr. McAnsh over your phone during your session


Text with Dr. McAnsh with your phone, tablet or computer during your session

Sessions Types - Based on Decades of HIS experience... and YOUR time

Comprehensive Session
50 min.

During your INITIAL session, Dr. McAnsh, will be able to get to know you and consult with you to formulate an action plan to help you reach maximum performance. This type of session can also be used when a longer, more in-depth session is desired.

This session is best used on a monthly basis by receiving an overall health consultation from Dr. McAnsh.

Intermediate Session
30 min.
20 min.

When you are looking to focus directly on one organ, gland or bodily system, this session will allow Dr. McAnsh to consult and provide you with highly-specific information targeting the health of that particular area.

10 min.

This type of session can be used between your longer and more in-depth regular monthly sessions, providing you answers to your questions, or seeking ways to magnify nutrition.  Emailed reports are not available at this level.


This allows you to book an appointment and consult with Dr. McAnsh for a micro session and provide you with answers to your nutrition questions. Emailed reports are not available at this level.

In-Institute Consultations

In-person consultations with Dr. McAnsh at the McAnsh Life-Energy Institute in Alpena, Michigan

Performance Session Package

These packages allow you to pre-pay for your sessions at substantial savings. With regular or monthly sessions throughout the year, Dr. McAnsh will be able to consult with you and provide you with nutrition and nutritional supplement recommendations to help improve your quality of life.

Maximum Performance Session Package
  • 12 Intermediate Sessions

  • 30 minutes each

  • $895 (SAVE $305)

Balanced Performance Session Package
  • 6 Intermediate  Sessions

  • 30 minutes each

  • $495 (SAVE $105)

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