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With the largest multi-disciplinary natural health center in NE Michigan, we offer services to help meet your individual goals, whether that be highly-personalized nutritional supplement recommendations, low-force chiropractic care, private yoga lessons or a therapeutic or relaxing massage. Dr. McAnsh has been studying health and nutrition since 1977 and has been practicing professionally since 1987 and brings decades of knowledge and experience to each visit to help improve your quality of life!

Dr. McAnsh provides personalized nutritional supplement recommendations utilizing his highly developed computer database linked to the world’s most advanced decision support technology - the Zyto ELITE to bring you McAnsh Nutrition Consulting.  Dr. McAnsh consults with clients within the Institute or virtual video and messaging remotely.

McAnsh LIFE-ENERGY Institute also offers the most extensive nutritional supplements in the region.

Dr. McAnsh’s approach to chiropractic care is unique. He does not twist or “crack” your neck or back.  Rather, Dr. McAnsh uses gentle, specific spinal adjusting techniques. Chiropractic care seeks to improve healing by improving communication between the brain and the rest of the body by correcting a type of nerve interference called a vertebral “subluxation”.  With his  knowledge and experience he can help you enjoy a better quality of life.


Three highly-trained, licensed and experienced massage therapists offer a variety of  techniques to meet your massage needs. David Golson, LMT, offers deep tissue, cranial sacral, reiki, and sports massage. Susan Nelson, LMT, has extensive experience with repetitive injuries, Myofascial Release, Applied Kinesiology, pregnancy massage, to name a few.  She has 25 plus years experience! Tamy McAnsh, LMT, offers cupping, sports and pregnancy massage, along with private yoga lessons as she is a RYT-200 certified instructor.

Our three massage therapists, their training, continued education, career and life experiences, combine together to provide an eclectic skill set to promote your well-being, comfort and joy!


All our services can be combined or used individually to best meet your needs and desired level of care.

About Us


Nutrition Consulting


Dr. McAnsh will consult with you in person, at the Institute or through virtual video and messaging remotely from anywhere. You will receive your personal McAnsh Nutrition Consulting Report to improve your quality of life.



Our specific, low-force chiropractic care can help you regain and maintain health naturally by restoring the necessary communication between your brain and the rest of your body.

Supplements carried by McAnsh LIFE-ENERGY Institute


Below are a few of many nutritional supplements we carry. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Massage Therapy


Recently voted #1 massage therapist, David Golson, LMT, Susan Nelson, LMT and Tamy McAnsh, LMT offer a variety of services, including Myofascial Release, Repetitive Injury, Cranial Sacral, cupping, sports, pregnancy, Reiki, Swedish and deep tissue massage.  Massage has been shown to improve overall health by increasing circulation, relieving tension, stress and anxiety and improving sleep.

Personal Yoga


While yoga has gained in popularity, some still feel intimidated in a typical group class.  We offer private lessons to help you learn the different poses and achieve your own personal goals in flexibility, strength and balance.  Private lessons are perfect for the mature clients and those who have limitations due to injuries or surgeries.

Our Services


Dr. Kirk McAnsh

Doctor of Chiropractic and

Nutrition Specialist

Tamy McAnsh

Licensed Massage Therapist and RYT-200 certified Yoga Instructor

David Golson
Certified Licensed

Massage Therapist

Coming Soon
Barbara Whitemen
Certified Licensed

Massage Therapist

Our Experts


“The Impulse Adjusting Instrument effectively realigned the most important vertebrae in my brain stem, providing me with instant relief!”
Since receiving my LIFE-ENERGY “Tune-ups” my life has improved in the following ways:
No pain
Clear thinking
Better vision
Deeper Sleep

Lynn P.

“I started taking Whole-Food Vitamins about 10 years ago. Prior to taking Whole-Food Vitamins, I knew my body was not receiving the proper nutrition from my daily diet. I also knew my food choices weren’t the best.
Since starting with Whole-Food Vitamins and making better food choices, I an say I have not had any real health issues. My husband is taking Whole Food Vitamins and his health has also improved. We both are thankful to Dr. Kirk and his staff.
Dr. Kirk is a wealth of knowledge and very passionate about his practice! His dedication to his profession is unmatched. He is always researching for the best ways to help his patients and is happy to share this information. We both admire him and feel blessed to have found him!"

“I had a rash on my hands, it itched, it oozed, flaked and was red. My hands kept getting worse until I could hardly tolerate it any longer. After 3 months of muscle testing and the pure food supplements, my hands were cured and have been to this day. I had this problem on and off for over 20 years. Through the years, every time this flared up it would be a little worse. This is so awesome to be healed after so many years of suffering with this problem! I highly recommend the Zyto
as I am now being totally body healed
and am now down to taking only
2 supplements a day!”

Cassie L.

Marge M.

Success Stories
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2685 US 23 South

Alpena, Michigan 49707

Phone Number:

989-356-WELL (9355)

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By Appointment

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